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Provide new product R & D, process optimization and improvement
Production quality monitoring, finished product quality inspection and other services

The enterprise cooperates with the research team of camellia seed oil processing of "National Key Laboratory of food science and technology" of Nanchang University, builds the "research and development center of camellia seed oil industry of Nanchang University of Gaozheng Enterprise", and signs the "technical cooperation contract for the development of the whole industrial chain of camellia seed oil industry".After years of in-depth exploration by the R&D center, the team has successively developed a number of product patents such as "a method for preparing camellia oil", "a method for extracting tea oil", "a method for extracting camellia seed oil with microwave-assisted water enzyme method", etc. Technology, and successfully applied for a patent.

Has a professional quality control team

Providing refined services and data monitoring

Has a professional quality control team, providing refined services and data monitoring. The laboratory covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and is used for the detection of conventional oil physical and chemical indicators, including acid value, peroxide value, moisture and volatiles, color, qualitative test of oil, etc.; the detection equipment includes electronic analytical balance, electric thermostatic blast drying oven, etc 

Among them


Agilent high-performance gas mass spectrometer in the United States


Agilent high-performance liquid chromatograph in the United States

Can be detected







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