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Camellia oleifera tree has a history of at least 2300 years in China

 It has been recorded in the books of traditional Chinese medicine, such as tujing materia medica written by Susong in the Song Dynasty, the book of agricultural administration written by Xu Guangqi in the late Ming Dynasty, and the Chinese materia medica written by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine. It has a high reputation in the fields of edible oil raw materials, cosmetics raw materials, Chinese herbal raw materials and so on The application of cosmetics materials has included skin care, hair care, beauty and washing.

Jiangxi is one of the four major producing areas of Camellia oleifera tree in China

Gaozheng Enterprise settled down in Jinxian, Jiangxi Province in 2007

Has signed comprehensive development project agreements and investment agreements with Jinxian and Le'an local governments successively. The forest land is mainly distributed in Jinxian County, Le'an County, Chonglin County, Linchuan District, etc., with a total area of more than  100 square kilometers of forest land in Jiangxi.

The enterprise mainly takes the "Changlin series" which is proud of by the camellia seed oil research team of the Asian Forestry Institute (the Subtropical Forestry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences) as the planting varieties, with its "three high" advantages of high yield, high quality and high-end. While ensuring the quality of raw materials, it is also a strong and stable source of business such as camellia seed oil trade, camellia seed oil OEM/ODM, bulk oil trade.

From 2007 to 2013, all the mountain areas of the enterprise have been planted with camellia oleifera tree. After years of planting, management and protection, the base of camellia oleifera forest has basically entered the full fruit stage. According to forest camellia seed oil experts, the peak fruit period of camellia oleifera tree can reach more than 50 years.

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