Enterprise Strength

Enterprise Strength

 Gaozheng camellia oil is a national high-tech enterprise integrating camellia oil planting and cultivation, scientific research and testing, production and processing, sales, bulk oil trade, OEM/ODM,

After more than 10 years of deep industry, the existing camellia raw material producing area of more than 100 square kilometers.

Businesses have "the preparation method of a kind of camellia oil" and so on a number of invention patents, has won the "brand-name products in jiangxi province", "high quality forest grain and oil suppliers on both sides of the strait" and so on the title, in the cultivation, scientific research strength, production capacity, production process and product design in the world leading level in the industry, its products successively through organic products, American FDA food, halal certification, ISO22000 food safety management system and ISO9001 quality management system, the HACCP management system certification and so on many exclusive certification.


Raw material


Scientific research

and testing

Production and



There are 26 cities in 7 regions of China

The whole life cycle healthy life concept
14 years of professional experience in camellia oil development

The four brands have created healthy edible oil products for more than 100 million families

Based on the needs of the long-term development of enterprises in the future

On the basis of the main business of the industry and the surrounding development of edible oil, the company took the lead in expanding its business into the field of oil tea finance and healthy life, so as to realize new profit growth point and platform guarantee for the long-term development of the enterprise under the new situation.


In 2018, Gaozheng Established the "one body and two wings" development strategy with "oil tea business as the core" and "edible oil field and fashion spray oil business as the two wings".

Edible Oil

New Gao's & Oil Master As the left wing

Synergy: Increase product depth, expand product attributes, and deepen O2O industry with diversified products.

Positioning: Auxiliary brand, enrich the enterprise edible oil industry, edible oil series development, to provide a more comprehensive choice of oil products.

GaoZheng Camellia Oil

Camellia oil product is ontology

Focus on camellia oil field, high-end quality products, the integration of the whole industry chain, the source is guaranteed.


Adhering to the "people-oriented" and "quality-oriented" production and service concept, with the pioneering spirit of "high quality and integrity" to deliver high-quality, healthy and good oil to the world.

Patented design for spray oil

Spray Master As the right wing

Synergy: Increase product breadth, radiate all age groups, break limitations, and highlight products with design sense and professionalism.


Positioning: guided and covered products, with scenes and practicality as highlights, patented design and creation, make cuisine more delicious, more relaxed and more fashionable.


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