Refining Processing

Gaozheng Enterprise invested hundreds of millions to build production line
Ensure product quality while producing efficiently

A variety of crude oil and refined oil production equipment to meet the needs of a variety of oil squeezing refining; a variety of canned, labeling equipment, so that different types of bottles have a safe, stable, sanitary canned environment. In 2020, the company imported  equipment for spray edible oil tanks and upgraded the canning line.

The company has introduced a number of large-scale advanced equipment for camellia seed oil production, such as: double screw cold pressing unit with an average daily production capacity of 100 tons for camellia seed pressing; Italian Witt Parker filling machine with a daily processing capacity of 8000 bottles in a 500ml container, fully enclosed automatic packaging, stainless steel for the liquid contact part, effectively ensuring the stable quality of camellia seed oil; German Westphalia centrifugal machine with improved product purity Machine, high degree of automation, fine separation; full line sensor control bottle feeding speed and automatic adjustment of filling and labeling of Italy's Sacmi automatic labeling machine, etc.

In order to fully guarantee product quality, high-tech production processes such as low-temperature cold pressing, refining processing, winterization treatment, and closed automatic filling are adopted. Refining processing technology through deacidification, deodorization, dewaxing and other processes to remove harmful substances in oils and fats, to obtain finished oil in line with national standards; using winterization treatment process to separate impurities in oil by low-temperature crystallization, can retain the original Flavor reduces nutrient loss; Finally, through fully enclosed automatic packaging equipment to ensure fresh oil and stable quality during shelf life.

Combines modern technology with ancient pressing technology 

Gaozheng Camellia Seed Oil combines modern technology with ancient pressing technology and uses advanced cold pressing technology to ensure large-scale oil tea production.Compared with hot-squeezing technology, camellia seed oil cold-squeezing technology retains the natural flavor and color of the oil, and retains the physiologically active substances in the oil (anti-aging vitamin E, skin health and sterols that enhance the body's metabolic function, etc.). When camellia seed oil cold pressing technology is applied to the production of other edible oils (such as olive oil, peanut oil, walnut oil, etc.), the effect of retaining more nutrients is also significant.

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