Brand Story

Brand Story

Camellia oleifera has a long history of cultivation in China. The ancestors began to extract oil from camellia oleifera seeds for consumption as early as 2300 years ago. The benefits of camellia oleifera are well documented in ancient books such as Compendium of Materia Medica and Agronomica Quanshu. It was also mentioned in the 1995 Edition of The Chinese Pharmacopoeia.


In 2006, the chairman of the board came to Jiangxi and visited the "red" soil and wild camellia tree under the guidance of local friends, and learned about the history, technology and development of camellia oil. At that time, the national commercialization process failed to meet the ecological needs of the agricultural industry, and the enterprise mode of production and sales in many regions could not be implemented, and the market was once in chaos. After knowing the situation of camellia oil industry, the chairman felt shocked and regretfully. He was optimistic about the future of camellia oil and thought it was both an opportunity and a challenge.


It is located in Jiangxi province, not only because of its rich historical heritage of camellia oil, but also because of its excellent geological conditions -- the latitude of 27° North in China is recognized as a high-quality camellia planting base in China. Sunshine, humidity and unique climate all bring innate advantages to camellia oil growth. After in-depth discussion and planning, in-depth study with local artisans, the introduction of advanced scientific and technological personnel from all over the world to participate in the study of camellia oil planting fundamentally research, the next year formally into the camellia oil industry.

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